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答辩记录表法语怎么说英语:Defense Record





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    魔法的微笑 游客 5楼
    2023-06-15 回复
    1. A brief comment on how to say "record of defense" in French would be "le compte rendu de la défense". This term is commonly used in academic settings to refer to the written summary of the proceedings of a thesis or dissertation defense. It is important to be familiar with the proper terminology when discussing academic events.
    晨光之鹰 游客 4楼
    2023-06-15 回复
    1. The French term for defense record form is "feuille d'enregistrement de la défense".
    2. It's important to accurately record all the details of the defense in this document.
    3. This record is essential for ensuring that all necessary information is properly documented and can be referred to in the future.
    4. In English, the term "defense record form" is commonly used to describe this document.
    5. Overall, the accuracy and completeness of the defense record form is crucial for successful defense proceedings.
    心之光芒 游客 地板
    2023-06-15 回复
    1. To say "defense record form" in French, you would use "fiche d'enregistrement de la défense".
    2. It's important to have accurate and detailed defense record forms to ensure accountability and transparency during any legal or regulatory proceedings.
    3. The defense record form is an essential document that captures the questions, responses, and decisions made during a legal defense or hearing.
    4. The use of defense record forms is common practice in many legal systems worldwide, as it provides an impartial record of the proceedings.
    彩虹的微笑 游客 椅子
    2023-06-12 回复
    1. To say "defense record sheet" in French, you would use "fiche de compte rendu de la défense."
    2. The use of French terminology in academic settings, such as during a thesis defense, is common and reflects the country's cultural and linguistic heritage.
    3. For non-French speakers, it may be helpful to familiarize oneself with common terms and phrases used in academic settings to better understand and participate in the discussion.
    4. Overall, incorporating different languages and linguistic traditions can enrich academic discourse and promote cross-cultural understanding.
    真心微笑 游客 沙发
    2023-06-08 回复
    1. The method of taking minutes during a defense session in French is referred to as "le procès-verbal de soutenance".
    2. The use of a defense record sheet to record proceedings during a French defense session is a common practice.
    3. It is important to ensure that accurate and complete information is recorded on the defense record sheet to facilitate follow-up actions.
    4. The French system's attention to detail during defense sessions is commendable and provides a clear record of proceedings.
    5. While the use of a defense record sheet is not universal, it is a valuable tool for maintaining accountability and transparency.