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1. 吃了 - have eaten

  • 我已经吃了早饭了。- I have already had breakfast.
  • 他们吃了一顿美味的晚餐。- They had a delicious dinner.
  • 你吃了午饭了吗?- Have you had lunch?
  • 2. 吃完了 - finished eating

  • 我吃完了晚饭就去散步了。- I went for a walk after finishing dinner.
  • 他们吃完了饭就离开了。- They left after finishing their meal.
  • 你们吃完了吗?- Have you finished eating?
  • 3. 吃饭 - have a meal

  • 我们一起去外面吃饭吧。- Let's go out for a meal together.
  • 他每天都在公司吃饭。- He has his meals at the office every day.
  • 你们想在哪里吃饭?- Where do you want to have a meal?
  • 4. 吃东西 - eat something

  • 我饿了,想吃点东西。- I'm hungry, I want to eat something.
  • 他们在路边摊吃了些东西。- They ate something at a roadside stall.
  • 你想吃点什么东西?- What do you want to eat?
  • 5. 吃零食 - snack

  • 我喜欢吃零食,但要注意控制。- I like snacking, but I need to control it.
  • 她在看电影的时候喜欢吃零食。- She likes snacking while watching movies.
  • 你有什么好吃的零食吗?- Do you have any tasty snacks?
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