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打印机黑白日语怎么说英文:Monochrome printer


  • 这台打印机只能打印黑白文件。
  • This printer can only print black and white documents. (英文)
  • このプリンターは白黒の文書しか印刷できません。
  • 我需要一台黑白打印机来打印我的简历。
  • I need a monochrome printer to print my resume. (英文)
  • 履歴書を印刷するために、白黒のプリンターが必要です。
  • 这台打印机的墨盒已经干了,需要更换。
  • The ink cartridge of this printer has dried out and needs to be replaced. (英文)
  • このプリンターのインクカートリッジは乾いてしまっているので、交換が必要です。



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    真心微笑 游客 6楼
    2023-06-13 回复
    1. How do you say "printer" in Japanese? - 打印机用日语怎么说?
    2. What is the Japanese word for "black and white"? - "黑白"日语怎么说?
    3. Can you recommend a good black and white printer in Japanese? - 你能在日语里推荐一款好的黑白打印机吗?
    4. I prefer using a black and white printer for my documents in Japanese. - 我更喜欢在日语里使用黑白打印机来打印我的文件。
    5. Learning the necessary printer and color-related vocabulary in Japanese is crucial for efficient communication. - 学习在日语里有关打印机和颜色的必要词汇对于高效的交流至关重要。
    魔法微笑者 游客 5楼
    2023-06-13 回复
    1. When it comes to printing in black and white with a printer, simply use the monochrome option.
    2. To print in black and white on a printer, select the monochrome setting.
    3. For printing documents in black and white using a printer, opt for the monochrome function.
    4. If you need to print something in black and white, just switch to the monochrome mode on your printer.
    5. Printing in black and white with a printer is easy - just select the monochrome option.
    糖果之旅 游客 4楼
    2023-06-12 回复
    1. "How to say 'black and white printer' in Japanese?"
    2. "The Japanese term for 'black and white printer' is 黒白プリンタ (kuro-shiro purinta)."
    3. "Knowing the correct term for a black and white printer in Japanese can help with communication and finding the right product."
    4. "Whether you're shopping for a printer or discussing office equipment with Japanese colleagues, it's useful to know the relevant vocabulary."
    5. "Learning new words in different languages can broaden your understanding of other cultures and enhance your global communication skills."
    心灵冒险家 游客 地板
    2023-06-11 回复
    1. How to say "printer" in Japanese is "プリンター" (purintaa), and "black and white" is "白黒" (shirokuro). So, "black and white printer" in Japanese is "白黒プリンター" (shirokuro purintaa).
    2. If you need a printer that can print in both black and white, make sure to look for one that has monochrome capabilities.
    3. A black and white printer is a great option for those who mainly need to print text documents, as it can save on costs compared to a color printer.
    4. When shopping for a printer, consider your printing needs and look for one that fits your budget and requirements.
    真心弹奏者 游客 椅子
    2023-06-11 回复
    1. To ask how to say "printer" in Japanese, you can say "プリンター" (purintaa).
    2. If you want to specify that it is a black and white printer, you can say "白黒プリンター" (shirokuro purintaa).
    3. In English, "black and white printer" is a common phrase used to describe a printer that only prints in black and white.
    光影舞者 游客 沙发
    2023-06-08 回复
    1. To say "black and white printer" in Japanese, it is "黒白プリンター" (kuroshiro purintaa).
    2. If you need to reference a black and white printer in English, simply stating "monochrome printer" would suffice.
    3. The term "monochrome" specifically refers to black and white, as opposed to color.
    4. Whether in Japanese or English, being able to communicate clearly about printing technology is important in today's digital age.
    5. A black and white printer may not be as visually striking as its color counterpart, but it can still be an incredibly useful tool for businesses and individuals alike.